As a feature of its fabrication services, Allsorts Inc. builds and maintains an extensive inventory of scenic flats and floor sets for a variety of uses. Whether you need a distinctive floor to visually anchor a photo set or a striking backdrop to punctuate an event experience, our flats and flooring can meet the demands of your project’s needs. Additionally, Allsorts is always excited to work with you to create a new custom flat or floor to meet your unique specifications.  

Please see the RENTALS section to view details of our diverse inventory of wood, ceramic and concrete flooring, or give us a call at 347-533-8379 if you have any questions.


Allsorts Inc. specializes in the creation of custom walls to suit your unique needs. Our architectural facades are ideal for photo and video sets, event and product enhancement, and as permanent interiors. With our expertise, creativity and range of techniques and tools, we can accommodate any scale project with classic, modern and contemporary styles, while using various materials as well as scenic and faux finishes to realize your vision and meet your time and budget requirements.


Combining our wide range of skills and techniques with the appropriate tools and technologies, Allsorts Inc. can create distinctive, eye-catching shapes of any kind. From rectangular pedestals to organic forms, whether simple or complex, our fabrication abilities can match the imagination of the shapes envisioned in any project.


Allsorts Inc. has the ability and capacity to work with virtually any material. We regularly use a variety of common and custom woods; metals such as aluminum and steel; acrylics and other plastic composites (Plexiglas, Lexan, Polycarbonate). Our shop can also integrate natural and fabricated readymade objects into your project’s vision.


Allsorts Inc. operates a CNC router with an expansive 60” x 144” working area and 4” depth of cut capacity. Materials that can be cut include hardwoods and softwoods, engineered boards and plywood, fiberboards, composites, foams and plastics, as well as aluminum sheets. Allsorts Inc. can also facilitate laser cutting for finer detail, and CNC plasma cutting for other metals, as well as water jet cutting for ultra-fine detail in metals.


Allsorts Inc. maintains a fleet of various delivery vehicles to suit any project. The fleet includes a 20’ box truck with capacity to deliver walls up to 16’x10’, has 97” interior clearance, and over 6 ton cargo capacity; a 16’ box truck that is large enough to carry up to 8’ x 14’ wall sections, 93” height box, and 6 ton cargo capacity; and our Ram Promaster efficiently delivers smaller projects and provides a more environmentally friendly option for material pickups and general transportation.


Founded in 2011, Allsorts Inc. is a custom fabrication company located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn whose client-centric services have the capacity to handle any project, regardless of form, function or scale. Our broad range of design and build capabilities include photo sets and television studios, architectural facades, event displays, furniture building, creative forms and shapes, as well as bar, restaurant, and gallery space interiors. For any project requiring professional, precise and punctual services, Allsorts Inc. has the experience and expertise to fulfill all of your unique fabrication needs.

Carolyn Syzmanksi – Director of Production

Monique Garth – Accounting


David Petersen – Business Development